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Our story

Shobhit Gupta a person with passion who invest his time and make this art a profession. Whose motto is “makes everyone smile”. 5 years ago to start of this work. In 2015 when he was in college till then he is in this profession. It takes 1 year to understand this industry and then he start begning his own creativity. I was The President of my college photography society “Photobug-The Photography society Of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Khalsa College, Delhi University” for two years. Sponser on Kids Fashion show name “Star Kids Contest” as Photography partner in which “Ms. Sudha Chandran” was the Chief Guest.

Their is a story behind my journey, when I was 8years old, I went to one studio for passport picture and at that time camera’s are rare to see, but I went to photographer and ask him I also want to try to click one picture but he scold me and said its not for kids. At that same time I bought my first camera in life that’s Olympus(Reel camera) and two rolls of negative.In which on got waste and for another I went to that same shop and ask shopkeeper to help me n teach me how to do this. From their onward I start Photography.

Now you can have a look of this small kid work http://shobhitguptaphotography.com/gallery/ who become freelancer professional photographer. Now Shobhit Gupta Photography is at your screens with the motto of “makes everyone smile” & “we capture moments not assignments”.